Who We Are

We are specialists in the Precious Metals Industry and we provide solutions with only the highest quality of service for our clients. We are highly experienced, industry savvy and practically equipped to trade in the expansive precious metals arena.

What We Do
We focus on relationships with our clients.

We get to know your business closely by completing a business analysis and tailoring a business model for you. It’s about taking your business to the next level. Be it business or public clientele, the relationship receives the same commitment of service from us. It’s the only way we know how to do what we do.

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Our Mission at AGD Precious Metals, and together with our affiliates and partners, is to service our clients for the long term. By forming trusted relationships we aim to be a partner, inspiring the efficiency and productivity of our clients, so that we create increased valued and quality differences to them and their business.

We provide our clients with a high quality, friendly service from the beginning to the end. High quality employees add to our excellent service offer.

Our partnerships with clients and suppliers are long-term and built on strong relationships. We ensure that long-term profits and quality service is always maximised.

Leadership – The courage to keep innovating and moving forward

Integrity – Being real and bringing an authentic approach to business

Accountability – Upholding responsibility for actions

Passion – Being committed in both heart and mind

Diversity – Nurturing long-term relationships with a varied client base

Quality – Excelling in what we do

Marketing Message
The business world of precious metals is already one that often falls prey to some wrongdoings. Together however, we can protect ourselves, each other and the industry. We are always stronger as a collective. You take control back when you take responsibility; know your product, know your purity, know the price myths.

Engage in analysis and equip yourself with the right knowledge and information. Always use the latest industry technology and provide a dedicated product analysis report. When you have done that, provide a true evaluation of your product too. The less gaps you leave around your business and actions, the greater security and success you will experience.

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