AGD Precious Metals – Buying and Selling Gold

You no longer have to send your scrap gold away to be refined and wait for the questionable results. We provide on the spot testing and instant cash. Lock in facility available to ensure best pricing

Your gold, your business, and what matters most to you, is what matters most to us.

Exquisite and precious metals are amongst the most personal and meaningful trade you will engage in. We know how much this means to you. By building personal relationships with accountability, integrity and trust, we have developed an elite service offer for the client who is most worthy – you.

We know precious metals, we know the industry and we know how to provide solutions for business. So at AGD Precious Metals we put our name on the line each day. Because we are confident that we can.

This is the pure quality of our service offer to you.

Our Metal Prices app is now available on the Google Play store and Apple App Store.

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$ 1699.58


$ 23.26


$ 1285.30

AGD Precious Metals provides a solution for your business. We complete a business analysis and offer a solution with only the highest quality of service.

Demetris Christou – Founder of AGD Precious Metals